Papers written for seminars at Freie Universität, Berlin. 


  • My master’s thesis on Heidegger’s late work, from 2018 at Freie Universität Berlin.

Denken, Freiheit, Geschichte


  • About the concept of finitude in Heidegger’s thinking around the time of the Davoser Disputation, focusing on the Kantbuch:

Baltieri_Hausarbeit_Metaphysik des Daseins_2


  • Using Hermann Schmitz’ phenomenology of the felt body to interpret a mystical handbook from Kashmir:

German: baltieri_weitedesleibs_3
English: Baltieri_WeitedesLeibs_Translation


  • An unlikely dialogue concerning contemporary transpersonal psychotherapeutic practices, mysticism, and psychoanalysis, ostensibly about something called “the Self”:


*Note: Disclaiming one’s work is distasteful. That said, this paper is a quaint mess. It can’t be taken seriously. (Why should it be taken seriously?) On the other hand, it’s arrogant to presume what may or may not be useful to others. The bibliography is a serviceable springboard.



“I would like to show what happens to the old problem of the unity between thinking and acting once ‘thinking’ no longer means securing some rational foundation upon which one may establish the sum total of what is knowable, and once ‘acting’ no longer means conforming one’s daily enterprises, both public and private, to the foundations so secured.”

– Reiner Schürmann, From Principles to Anarchy (1987)