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“Good Evening Beautiful Creature” – November, 2017 (from the “Lazy Cell Phone Recordings Series”)


Art Project Ethos

The project is larger than us. We serve the project. We are the project’s shepherds. The project has its own life. It requires that we serve and listen, so that the narrowness of our selves and preconceptions does not get in the way of the project. That said, of course the project can never be realized without this unique constellation of individuals. Thank you. 



Collaboration. Consultation. Clarity. Making things. 

Writing / Editing: when inspired, I write German well, and my English is very good.

I also play music and dance like an amateur (from Latin, to love “amare”).


Things I know about, the bag of tricks, off the top of my head:

The birth of tragedy; History of Early Analytic Philosophy; French flaneurs; anchoritic American poets; psychoanalysis; cosmology from Hubble to John Wheeler; the Internet: principia mathematica to DARPA; yoga: spandex to tantra; history of the New Age; buddhism, non-duality; philosophy of science; psychopathy: Wuthering Heights to Cleckeley; Trauma: theory and therapy; the Vagus nerve; history of utopian communes in the 19th century; California and Big Sur; End of Metaphysics; technological singularity; neuroscience: monks in brain scanners; linguistics; Turing Tests; temporality; the meaning of history; Mary Wollstonecraft; Big Sur; Art History 101; History of Education: medieval university to Summerhill; Plato to Zen; Bioenergetics


Working Together

Breaking rules depends on rules. Is the rule-breaker thankful for the rules? She owes them her life. Breaking rules for no reason is not freedom: it’s a different way of existing in a cage. What is beyond freedom and non-freedom? What is the new?

Unorthodox procedures are not an excuse for unclear communication or being unreliable. I value honesty, respect, reliability, clarity. Working outside of norms and expectations is neither relief nor excuse. Accidents can happen when you’re off-roading. At the same time,  the unknown, the unexpected, is the only place where the magic can happen, where the breakthrough occurs. I try never to cross boundaries unless I’m invited. I appreciate openness. There is a difference between being courageous and being foolhardy, a difference between going with the flow – not paying any attention – and going with the flow – having absolute, effortless, attention for everything.



“Grace Diddy” – October, 2017 (from the “Lazy Cell Phone Recordings Series”)


On another continent, I was an amateur drummer and recording engineer.